Environmental Activities


DEIS has started the work with APARANT IRON AND STEEL PVT. LTD. (AISPL) in the year 2007. AISPL is running ECO DEVELOPMENT PLAN with the approval of Ministry of Environment and Forest, New Delhi since 2001. AISPL has asked DEIS to take responsibility of ECO DEVELOPMENT PLAN implementation activities.

AISPL is running ECO DEVELOPMENT PLAN in the villages nearby AISPL plant site at Costi, Sanguem Tehsil, Goa. This area is the southern area of Goa state and it’s like deprived or undeveloped area. AISPL has started developmental activities including infrastructure development, like roads, drainage, electricity etc. In the initial years these activities got done with their own speed. But later on AISPL felt a need to carry out these activities with some extra efforts and with the hands of expert agency. AISPL has asked DEIS to take this opportunity and start developmental work in these villages with more concern about Ecological and Socio-Economical knowledge.

DEIS has deputed it’s Manager (Operations) / Implementation Officer at the site / field itself and started the work. The work is a challenge as DEIS has to carry out developmental work with the system of such reputed and established industry like AISPL. At one side DEIS has to follow the routine procedures and network of AISPL structure and on another side DEIS has to carry out the work with more inputs of knowledge, skilled work and image building for AISPL. DEIS has well taken this challenge and last one year this project is running with a good speed and achieving higher levels in the work of development.

ECO DEVELOPMENT PLAN work is divided in 6 areas / heads like Land, Water, Flora & Fauna, Socio-Economic Development, Health & Sanitation and Nature Education. If we just look at these heads we can imagine the scope of this plan and the vast work section. 
Initially IMPLEMENTATION OFFICER (IO) has started the work with the help of AISPL Officers, Village Panchayat (elected elders) members and other Government Officials. But later on IO has built a network of youth, ladies group (SHGs) and interested villagers .Now work in these villages has got lined up in a great spirit. DEIS has decided to make efforts on 3 lines for this work.

2. To build a network to implement the activities of the Plan
3. To make proper Awareness and Publicity of this work to involve more and more people.

In the LAND section, the DEIS, IO has started the work with meetings of villagers, farmers and needy people as far as the farming is concerned with formation of Farmer’s Club, Training of these farmers on different subjects and farming related techniques and up-gradation of farming practices. This training also includes Exposure visits of these farmers to different Model Works in Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala and to experience different practices and learn new techniques of farming. This work is a real challenge as only few villagers are doing farming activities and in these changing era farming work is difficult one to make a living . Still DEIS has managed this with constant meetings of these villagers / farmers and strong follow up of every farmer to get benefited with the new techniques and sustainable agriculture work. In this work DEIS, IO has made good conversation with Agriculture Department and other Government Departments and used this in a good manner for the benefit of community.

As far as the WATER head is concern, development of Natural Water Resources and expanding existing wells is the main work that is running with full speed. To make people aware about the availability and scarcity of water and to make proper use of water are also the main factors of this work. The PWD department of Goa Government and other private sources in this area are being well tapped and connected for this work and are getting well managed by DEIS, IO.

Flora & Fauna is the important head of this Plan. Setting up In-Plant-Nursery and to make Plantation inside the AISPL Plant and also in village area are the major activities that are carried out in true spirit. This work is really challenging one and DEIS, IO has used his full knowledge about Ecology and Natural Practices to implement this work. DEIS, IO has studied the Bio Diversity of this particular area and started the Nursery Work. Local / Indigenous species of Flora has been planted and same are being kept in nursery for the distribution to local community. At the same time awareness workshops for Biodiversity, Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development with the demonstration plot – like In Plant Nursery – are the important activities in this work. Children Parks in 3 Primary Schools is also the main activity that is going on in these villages. To create awareness about the Environment and to spread Nature Education from the childhood are the main purpose behind this Children Parks. Plantation of plants inside AISPL Plant and in Village area keeping in mind an ecological sense is also a big challenging work that is now going on by motivating school children and youth of the villages. The Forest and Environment Ministry, Agriculture Department and a network of Private Companies and Agencies is being well maintain by DEIS, IO and good help from all this agencies is received.

In Socio-Economic Development head, DEIS, IO has used his network and started meetings of Ladies Groups, youth groups etc. Discussions on different subjects, motivational workshops and training programs on developmental issues, entrepreneurship development etc are the main task of this work. DEIS, IO has built a network of expert persons, NGOs in Goa state and also some Government officials to carry out this implementation work.

Keeping in mind a true sense of ecology and sustainable development DEIS has focused on Solar Energy work and Bio Gas Units. An expertise team from ARTI, Pune has been called to install Bio Gas Unit in AISPL Canteen premise as a demonstration unit. This is successfully done and now replication of this work will take place in the village area for the benefit of local populace. In order to preserve our natural resources and to make more and more use of Non Conventional Energy, DEIS has planned certain activities. Initially Solar Cookers were distributed to the needy, poor people under ECO DEVELOPMENT PLAN. Then demonstration and distribution of Solar Lights and other Solar Products to the villagers, especially in Schools is an important activity, which is taking place right now. Awareness about our precious natural wealth and sharing the responsibilities of nature are the main task in this work and this work is being carried out through school children in a good manner. DEIS, IO has involved Goa Energy Development Agency of Goa Government, ARTI from Maharashtra, Education Department of Government Goa, Goa Social Welfare Board and many such agencies in this work.

At the same time, main work is being carried out about Education and Health & Sanitation. To promote free, good nature education and to internalize certain values in students, many educational activities are going on. Also Health Camps, Eye Camps, community-based work regarding hygiene of public places and help to PHC Centers & Sub-Centers in village area, preventive activities before monsoon period are also taking place under this plan. DEIS, IO has maintained good relation with Goa Government Health Department and other related departments and with Government Hospitals also. The above said activities have been carried out in collaboration with these departments.

The main thrust work is Nature Education. Under this head DEIS has started dialogues with the students, youth, mahila mandal ( Ladies Clubs) and also with government officials. Group meetings, workshops, Training Programs, different Programs related to Environment Awareness, Ecological Developments, and Nature Conservation are the medias through which this work is going on. DEIS, IO himself has taken these workshops, discussions and training programs and also got involved NGOs like National Co-operative Union of India, Lions Club of Madgaon-Sanjeevani, Agnel Entrepreneurship Development Center etc.

All in all, DEIS is finding the ECO DEVELOPMENT PLAN which it is implementing for the corporate APARANT IRONS AND STEEL Pvt. Ltd. , as being really a vast one and creative one too. The constant awareness about Nature Conservation, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development is going on in the village area with different media, audio-visual shows, training programs-workshops and participatory programs like plantation, experiment replications, Resource Management Education and adopting some practices that is useful for nature conservation.