A)Enterprise Culture Building

To promote enterprise culture in the Indian Society by reaching out, informing, educating, motivating and training mind-sets of the: - Indian family members in general - Youth in particular - Group of poor in particular through mass-media of TV/Radio/Video/Audio/CD/internet and print

B) Small Enterprise Promotion & Development

To give youths, triggered through media, further inclination toward enterprise through: - Awareness camps, - personnel counselling, - skills training etc.

C) Women's Empowerment

To promote Women’s Empowerment by: - specially assisting them in startup of their enterprise/income generating units - strengthening their thought process through literature, anthology, and connected educational and cultural activities.

D) Restructuring Of Education & Human Resource Development

To initiate a Restructuring of Education and Human Resource Development (HRD) systems in India by:

1. Paradigm Shift For Workforce Readiness:

DEIS will initiate a paradigm shift, through advocacy to educationists and decision makers, that youth in the country need to be trained to international productivity levels in quantity and quality required by different sectors of the economy for different entry- age levels of the work -force, and not just the organised sector - as is largely happening today in the country.

           2. Enterprise Education: 

           The purpose of this would be to lay a foundation of enterprise and business education from school going age itself.                         Research is being done for this at following levels:

                    a) Elementary School Enterprise Education

For children from about age 5 yrs. to 11 yrs., This research would attempt to :

- introduce the students to their role in the local economy and enterprise, 

- introduce them to opportunities and resources in their immediate environment as also in the region, 

- help them understand enterprise operations, systems and issues.

                     b) The Middle School Enterprise Education 

This research would be aimed at children from age 12 yrs. to 14 yrs. and would build on knowledge and skills already learnt by them in Elementary schools.


                      c) The High School / Vocational & College Oriented Enterprise Education 

This would aim at giving students, hands on experience on how to organise and operate an enterprise. It would build in them the aspects of practical team-work, communication skills, understanding one’s own role vis-a-vis needs in a community, learning from experience of elders and established entrepreneurs, in the typical Indian Guru-Shishya Parampara i.e. Teacher-disciple tradition.