Dr. Pradeep Babanrao Wagh was born in Jhansi, Uttarpradesh, India. He completed his schooling in year 1969 from Jhansi and then went on to do his B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, in 1974. Thereafter, he did his Master of Engineering from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. He did his Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from IMDR, Pune and in Finance from Bombay University. Dr. Wagh has 17 years of Industrial experience. From 1993 onwards, he is fulltime devoted to Development Education (International) Society, DEIS, Pune, India, as its Secretary General.

DEIS is a non-profit organization devoted to empowerment of youth and women. Details of this are available at:

He was awarded a Ph.D. in the year 2006 for his above work.

Since childhood Dr. Wagh has grown up in a God loving and spiritual environment. In 1994, in an eerie experience, Dr. Wagh felt some sublime thoughts emerging from deeper precincts of his inner consciousness. He felt as if these were emerging as a result of blessings of his spiritual Guru late Chile Maharaj.This process continued for several years. In 1998, he received inspiration to compile these into a trilogy:

  1. Sita Shakti Kavya i.e., Sita's Empowerment Anthology.
  2. Radha Bhakti Sudha i.e., Radha's Devotional Anthology.
  3. Maha Laxmi Mukti Sanwad i.e., Maha Laxmi's Dialogues of Emancipations.
1.1 Name: Dr. PRADEEP B. WAGH
1.2 Present Position: Secretary General and CEO 
Development Education (International) Society, 
Visit at:
Introduction about DEIS. 
DEIS is an NGO dedicated to promotion of entrepreneurship and employment generation through use of mass media.
Responsibility as Secretary General: 
    • To prepare and present text and materials in print media, audio, video, CD and TV for use by a large number of networked organisation --in four states of India-- for motivating, generating and supporting startup of enterprises.
    • To organize seminars for sharing of experiences and research in ENTERPRISE EDUCATION.
    • To conduct Teacher’s Training in Enterprise Education.
    • To offer consultancy in Management Projects and Software Projects.
1.3 Contact Addresses:
Office: Development Education (International) Society,
Prabhat House, Damle Path, 56/20 A, Law College Rd.,
Pune 411 004, India, Tel/Fax 00 91 20 5439101
B8, Chaitrangan, Kanchangalli, 
Law College Rd.,
Pune 411 004, India, Tel. 00 91 20 5435877
2. Education
2.1 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) from Open International University for Complementary Medicine (established in USSR, Alma Ata 1962) through Zoroastrian College, Mumbai. 
For the thesis titled "Enterprise Education for School Children". Ph.D. awarded in Jan. 2006. 
2.2 Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Electrical (Electronics) Engineering from INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, IIT Madras with First Class Distinction in 1974. 
Received Merit-cum-Means scholarship for IIT studies. 
2.3 Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering & Management from ASIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, AIT , Bangkok, Thailand in First Class (grade point 3.69 out of 4.00) in the year 1977.
i) Received Govt. of Australia Scholarship for the M.Engg. studies. 
ii) PRESIDENT, AIT Student Union comprising about 400 students from 22 different Asian countries for one term 1975-76. 
2.4 Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from Institute of Management Development & Research, Pune in First class in 1981
2.5 Post Graduate Diploma in Finance from University of Bombay in first class in 1983
2.6 Certificate in German Language from Max Mueller Bhavan, Madras in 1973
2.7 Kellogs School of Management, Chicago, USA 15-16 Nov..2010 Workshop on WINNING STRATEGIES. 

3. Experience and Positions Held
MANAGER, Philips India 1977 to 1988 as Industrial Engineer 
1988 to 1993 as Production manager 
Experience includes: 
Computer Applications, Quantitative techniques, Diagnostic Studies, Training Coordination ,Value analysis, Factory budgets, Production planning and Control, Market research, QUALITY CONTROL, ISO 9000. 
3.2 SECRETARY , DEIS part time 1987 to 1993 
Initiator of "Udyog Sadhana" Enterprise Development Radio Programmes in Marathi 52 per year. 1992 - 1994 in Association with MITCON Ltd. And Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (MCED) ,Pune. 
3.3 SECRETARY GENERAL, Development Education (International) Society, DEIS, Pune , India.
Full time from 1993.
    • Conceptualised and developed a web based Project Monitoring, Implementation and Evaluation System (PROMIES) for a Rs. 1.38 cr. International project of Poverty Alleviation and Prevention through Enterprise Development in India (PAPTED.IN).
    • Conceptualized and developed a website of DEIS
    • Presently developing a web based Project Monitoring System (PROMOSYS) for Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India.
    • Researched and developed the following computer based training (CBT) CD's.
      • Udyog Sadhana Kalpavriksha (Enterprise Opportunity Guidance CD)
      • Interactive Enterprise Education for Secondary/Higher Secondary/Vocational students.
      • Interactive Business Planner (IBP)
These CBT's were developed for a UNDP/DST (Department of Science & Technology ) project.
    • Conducted trainers training under UNDP/DST project for 193 trainers from all over India in Enterprise Education.
    • Spearheaded the expansion of movement of entrepreneurship development in India utilising the mass -media of Radio, TV and video from Maharashtra to four states of MP, UP, Uttaranchal in Hindi language and Karnataka in English language.
    • Networked with International agencies working in similar fields in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, UK and Netherlands.
    • For details of CONTEXT, VISION, MISSION, ACTIVITES etc. of D.E.I.S. please see brochure and our web-site

4. Development of Training Resources for Enterprise Education

4.1 Initiator of UDYOG SADHANA ,Enterprise Development radio programmes : 
In Maharashtra 1992-96, 52 programmes per year. 
In Madhya Pradesh 1994-2000, 52 programmes per year.
In Uttar Pradesh in 1994-2000, 52 programmes per year. 
In Assam 2001, 52 programmes 
About 30,000 audience response letters received for above programmes. 
4.2 Producer of 10 ENTERPRISE FILE TV spots for Small Industries Development Bank of India, SIDBI. 
These TV spots were telecast in 1996-1999 and have evoked over 50,000 audience response letters. These responses were serviced from Bhopal. 
4.3 A systematic follow-up organisation to direct and support was set-up in these states. 
Annual review workshops are organized to initiate, implement and monitor the states' working of UDYOG SADHANA programmes through: Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, UP; Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, CEDMAP, Madhya Pradesh; DEIS-=Orissa Chapter under the overall policy and guidance of DEIS. 
4.4 Producer of 35 UDYOJAKTA VIKAS MALIKA, UVM Enterprise Development videos covering over 50 small enterprises. 
4.5 Writer and presenter of UDYAM SHASTRA i.e. Enterprise Science 
Which is a book of verses giving fundamental value system of enterprise to the society at large. The publication is available in Marathi, English, Hindi and Oriya languages. 
4.6 Chairman 'Project Implementation Committee' for joint project with New Zealand Official Development Agency (NZODA), Community Communications, NZ and DEIS, India titled: 
GENERATING SELF-EMPLOYMENT through Entrepreneurial Training and Media Publicity. 
4.7 Researched and developed resource material titled: Enterprise Education for Vocational Students
Under a UNDP project for Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India
5. International Research done for Enterprise Education

5.1 Under the aegis of Enterprise New Zealand Trust, ENZT with co-operation of Community Communication (C.Com), Dr. Pradeep Wagh underwent a specialized training in Enterprise Education from 26th May 2005 to 9th June 2005. This included visits to 3 schools where Enterprise Education is in operation and a one-day Teacher’s Training programme. 

5.2 Education and human resource development systems in different countries from point of view of enterprise education. 
Period of STUDY: June-July 1999. 
i) To present to the international community the experiences of DEIS in Entrepreneurship Value systems development.

ii) To study relevant work by other international agencies and establish contact for further association.
Invitations form Institutions:
Rotary International

Young Achievement Australia, Sydney, Australia.
Enterprise New Zealand Trust, NZ

Community Communications, New Zealand. 
Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta, Canada
Junior Achievement International, Colorado Springs, USA
University of Durham, UK
National Institute of Curriculum Studies, SLO, Netherlands 

Mr. Wagh has written a paper on STUDY TOUR REPORT JUNE & JULY 1999 on the subject "Education and Human Resource Development Systems in different countries from point of view of Enterprise Education".

5.3 Enterprise Development Workshops in the Arab Region for Non-Conventional Energy
Mr. Wagh was part of the UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME, UNDP team to conduct the above Workshops in Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, Syria and Jordan in the year 2000. 

5.4 Conducted a update on International Research on Enterprise Education by undergoing a special exposure and training visit to New Zealand and attending the teachers training of ‘Enterprise New Zealand Trust, ENZT’ and visiting three school where the subject is practiced for school children right from 5 year old age. 
Also visited Betty Brinn’s Children’s museum, USA and visited vocational centers in Netherlands.

Details of the research appear in the report: 
Report of International Research on Enterprise Education.

5.5 Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, Hon.President of India 
has noted the research done on Enterprise Education. During his visit to Pune on 1 Feb. 2005 he asked the Pune Collector officials for a meeting on the subject. Since Mr. Wagh was out of station that day in Lucknow, Mrs. Wagh presented the CONCEPT PAPER OF ENTERPRISE EDUCATION to the Hon. President. Dr.Kalam sincerely appreciated the research done and may call for another presentation later in Delhi. 

5.6 International Enterprise Promotion Convention , (IEPC) 2010, Harrogate, UK, 8-10 Nov 2010
Dr. Wagh presented a plenary paper at IEPC, 2010. Some 450 experts of Sector Entrepreneurship participated from 30 countries. A brief of Enterprise Education (EE) project can be seen at
Further click on the button: Plenaries A: Advancing entrepreneurship education-inspiring young people . 21 papers were presented under this theme and our Plenary paper is listed under:
Pradeep Wagh, Development Education International Society + Kashmira Wagh, Development Education (International) Society,DEIS,Pune,India 

Entrepreneurship Education Policy and Practice: India Government and NGO cooperation

6. Current Projects and Work:

In last three years,2007-2008 to 2009-2010, Dr.Wagh through his NGO DEIS has completed the following works:

6.1 Ran successfully a series of 26 weekly programmes titled:

UDYOG SADHANA-NAVI VATCHAL from July 2008 to Feb 2009.

The programmes were unique in that video lectures were organised on various subjects of Entrepreneurship like marketing, communication, design, production for small enterprises and the audience were asked to follow the lessons on a web based tool called ENTERPRISE EDUCATION web portal at 

6.2 In same period DEIS has trained over 350 vocational trainees of MSETI and RUDSETI in ENTERPRISE CONCEPTS and SKILLS.

6.3 Also some 500 + school students were given orientation about ENTERPRISE EDUCATION.

6.4 Government of Maharashtra accepted DEIS research and included it as a UNIT of study in its subject of Personality Development from year 2007-08.

6.5 Dr.Wagh provided TRAINERS TRAINING to over 300 teachers on the pedagogy to be followed for ENTERPRISE EDUCATION

6.6 Dr.Wagh also did advocacy in Uttaranchal , Uttar Pradesh for ENTERPRISE EDUCATION by taking teachers awareness sessions in those states.

6.7DEIS designed and developed a web based Project Monitoring System for National Science & Technology Development Board, NSTEDB of the Govt. of India to monitor their 200 odd associated institutes. 

6.8 8. Dr. Wagh has also completed three anthologies for Women s Empowerment :




These anthologies have won international accolades at San Francisco, New York and Spain.

7. Planned Projects and Work:

For 2010-2012, Dr. Wagh and DEIS has some of the following plans :

7.1 Extend ENTERPRISE EDUCATION through Information Communication Technology (ICT) in regional languages beginning with Marathi and Hindi.

7.2 Talks are on with NABARD to train their trainers in ENTERPRISE EDUCATION so that they can further train the rural youth in farm and non-farm sector for Enterprise SKILLS. It will also be explored if same trainers can also teach the subject in schools in rural areas. 

7.3 Do exploratory study on how to empower handicapped rural women in vocational enterprises. Also work on other aspects of Women’s Empowerment. 

7.4 Explore further usage of TV programmes to spread awareness of small enterprise among rural youth. 

7.5 Explore introduction of ENTERPRISE EDUCATION in Schools in other states like Bihar. 

8. Publications:

8.1 Udyam Shastra, Enterprise Science, published March 1997 in English, Marathi, Hindi and Oriya.
8.2 Enterprise Education for Vocational Students, published April 2004
8.3 Education and Human Resource Development Systems in different countries from point of view of Enterprise Education”, published in July 1999.
8.4 Report of International Research on Enterprise Education, published in July 2005. 
8.5 Enterprise Education for School going children, published July 2003 by National Institute of Open Schooling.
8.6 "Sita Shakti Kavya" i.e. Sita's Empowerment Anthology, published June 2005 at Philadelphia, USA in English, Hindi, Gujarathi, Kannada and Oriya.
8.7 Interactive Business Planner, multimedia CD and workbook, published April 2003.
8.8 Udyojakata Vikas Malika, UVM video CDs in 36 volumes

Dr. Pradeep Wagh