Resource Material


DEIS has gained wide experience in the course of Udyog Sadhana‘Development Education Programmes’ that it has undertaken over a decade since 1990 in the states of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa in cooperation with IEDUP, CEDMAP, XIM and other agencies.

These programmes were largely supported by CORDAID,The Netherlands and in parts sponsored by Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)New Zealand Government Overseas Development Agency (NZODA) and others. 

In 2003 ,under a assignment of UNDP/DST, part of the above research was collated into training material of Enterprise Education for Vocational Students DEIS is happy to further inform that resource material Enterprise Education for Secondary/Vocational Students is now available as described in this brochure for Secondary, Higher Secondary, Vocational students and youth in general. Meanwhile, research continues for other school levels.


The Primary objective of these resource materials is the development of students’ enterprise competencies in the area of Secondary and Vocational education and training. This should improve the responsiveness of the educational and training institutions to the fact that it is desirable to make the students in age group 14 yrs. to 19 years more inclined to self-enterprise.

This way the young students may have an alternative of economic activity apart from scarcely available Organised Sector jobs.
The Method chosen for development is via the mechanism of materials which will assist students/trainees develop ‘enterprise‘ competencies through set of ENTERPRISE CONCEPTS and ENTERPRISE SKILLS .The materials will also introduce the teacher/trainer to the enterprise teaching approach i.e. learning by doing. Consequently the materials are participative in nature and are action oriented.


DEIS has conducted over a decade long research of ‘Enterprise Development Education’ titled UDYOG SADHANA . This research of DEIS is continuing in 2002-2005 under a project titled: POVERTY ALLEVIATION AND PREVENTION THROUGH ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT IN INDIA (PAPTED.IN) .The R&D costs till date are over Rs.40 Million. This research has been used in collating the resource materials cited in this site. 

Following reference sources are also thankfully acknowledged: 

Enterprise New Zealand Trust, ENZT.;Community Communications of Christchurch, New Zealand ;Durham University Business School, DUBS, UK.; Canadian Business Service Center; Junior Achievement; National Foundation for Researching Entrepreneurship Inc.