Unemployment Generation

HRD Efforts In The Country vis-a-vis Employment & Unemployment Generation


Present formal HRD efforts in the country vis-a-vis Employment & Unemployment Generation per year.


In the last 15 years on a rough estimate of flat average, about 170 lakhs (17 million ) people per annum have been pumped into the employable age-group in India.

The appended illustration shows up that in the present formal HRD system of SSC/HSC/ about 166 lakhs (16.6 million ) per year of the population drops out of the country's present HRD system and has to fend for itself or remain unemployed. 


The present HRD system in the country tends to condemn those who have failed and totally disregards this very significant & critical yet productive group.


Of the population that fails or is rejected by the formal education/HRD system per year, 6.8 million fall into agriculture --without being prepared by their education for farm or rural non-farm enterprises--, 2.5 million fall into Small scale industry or self employment on their own--again without much help from their formal education-- and 7.3 milllion is the unemployment generation per year.