Web, Multimedia, Software Services

1. Web based Services:- DEIS has experience of Web based project monitoring software. DEIS has developed a similar portal for a major department of Govt. of India. It has also developed Enterprise Education portal

DEIS,based on its experience,offers web design services for the Project Monitoring & Evaluation System(M & E ): 
design and implementation of program M&E systems; M&E training.For sample of work please go to PROMIES on:
www.deispune.org or also


and the other M&E tool called EEDPI Monitoring on home page of www.deispune.org or also


Project Monitoring Implementation & Evaluation System, (PROMIES) . Which monitors and evaluates your projects, keeps track of your multilocation programmes and has details of every 'beneficiary'.

_ Facility Available:

The organisation can enter the names of beneficiaries of ENTERPRISE EDUCATION and Entrepreneurship Development programmes conducted in their Institutions. They can also log in the names of students or beneficiaries who undergo their programmes. Each beneficiary’s name will be entered as a separate case-paper. This data will be maintained on the web site for as long as the institution wants to follow-up and monitor the case.

DEIS, based on its experience, offers web design services for the following

  • Project Monitoring
  • Educational Portal
  • Industry and Corporate Portals

2. Software : DEIS can also provide to make offline software for applications listed in the web based development.

3. Multimedia: DEIS based on its experience of making multimedia CDs for education, as also Video CDs on development subjects, offers the following services.

  • Corporate Video Production
  • Educational Video Production
  • Multimedia CDs for corporate presentation, training & education.

DEIS has its own in house production facility with High Definition Video (HDV) camera, Computer, Editing System etc.