Dr. Pradeep Wagh, Secretary, DEIS - Pune conducted TEACHERS TRAINING AND INTERACTION in association with Rotary Clubs of Nepal and Pune, on 28th June 2019 in Nepal on the topic of ENTERPRISE EDUCATION. About 40 teachers FROM VARIOUS SCHOOLS and Education Institutions in Nepal attended.

RID 3131 International Service banner forms the backdrop.

ENTERPRISE EDUCATION  is a research study of Rtn. Pradeep’s NGO, Development Education (International) Society, DEIS, Pune.

Some of topics of interaction included:

- Employment Scenario
- Current HRD System.
- Brain and its functions in Education
- Proposed HRD
-Demo sessions.

Detailed syllabi , teaching lessons of ENTERPRISE EDUCATION are available on website




 On 26th June 2019, as Director, International Service ROTARY RID 3131, 2019-20 and Secretary DEIS, Pradeep Wagh and Netra Wagh visited Nepal for exploratory work for International Service Avenue of RID 3131. DG Ravee Dhotre, RID 3131 has given a strong vision to connect with South Asian neighbours through ROTARY platform to build goodwill, friendship and fellowship.

Dr. Pradeep Wagh got an opportunity to address ROTARY Club of Dillibazar, Nepal on 26 June 2019. Rtn. Punya Prasad Paudel , President ,Rotary Club of Dillibazar presided. AG Bijaya Mallapaty ( 2019-20) was special guest. Rtn. Mohan Krishna Shreshta , President 2019-20 , was also on dias

Dr. Wagh was offered opportunity to speak on ROTARY POSITIVE PEACE and INTERNATIONAL SERVICE of RID 3131.

RC Dillibazar is famously doing projects of Happy School, Literacy and micro-enterprise development and many others, which are also in line with objectives of DEIS. Interactions included discussions about:

    1 International Family Exchanges
    2. Vocational Training Team, VTT    
    4. Media for development
    5. Mutual visits during important events.

Prez Punya Prasad Paudel and Dr. Wagh exchanged club flags and had goodwill conversations. 
Rtr Laxmi Prasad Khanal, Rtr Sanket Dhital , Rtr. Sushan Dhital facilitated the programme.

CYCLE BHARARI for Rural Girl students:

Period for Execution: Jul-2016

Beneficiary Community: Poor rural school going children

No.of persons Benefited:  172

Partners in Service: DEIS and Rotary Club of Pune Shivajinagar, RCPS

A brief description of the Activity: 

In the last couple of years, DEIS and RCPS observed that in rural areas, often the adolescent girls were dropping out of schools. The reasons for this were diagnosed as follows:

1. The arrangements for hygiene of adolescent girls were not adequate.

2. Often the girls lived 3 to 5 km from the school. If it was early morning school, then especially in winters, the girls would have to leave when it was still dark, as the girls needed an hour to two hours to walk to school. The parents did not feel that it was safe for their adolescent girls to walk to school while it was still dark.

3. The rural roads, leading to the school were often very lonely. 

In order to overcome the above problems, DEIS and RCPS came up with the ideas of CYCLE BHARARI, or donating cycles to rural girls of adolescent age.

For this funds were collected from DEIS members through Google Germany, RCPS club members and family members of about Rs. 3800 per cycle.

In the first tranche, 66 cycles were handed over on 1st July 2016 at ZP School Kasurdi. This enabled 66 girls with one friend each to commute safely to school and thus continue their education.

The programme was a great success. So much so that a young couple in Germany when they came to know of this, they decided to donate all their wedding gifts amount to CYCLE BHARARI. The name of this couple is Mr. Florian and Ms. Franzisca. The couple donated for some 20 cycles through DEIS. These were handed over on 28 July 2016 at ZP School Dahitane. This was a unique event in the history of DEIS and Rotary.

Photos of the event, news, coverage can be seen at following link: http://rcpspush.blogspot.in 

Rural girl students with Cycles


Period for Execution: Sept 2016 to Jan 2017

Beneficiary Community: Rural Teachers & students 

No.of persons Benefited: 1075

Involvement of DEIS Members and Rotarians (No.): 48

Partners in Service: DEIS, ZP Schools, Rotary Club of Pune Shivajinagar, RCPS

A brief description of the Activity:

DEIS and RCPS determined to undertake “TEACHERS' QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME” as a part of its effort to do Teachers Training for rural teachers in Yavat area.     

Expected Outcomes of the Teachers’ Training was:  
1.       Awareness about innovative strategies in education.
2.       Awareness about how to use knowledge of Multiple intelligences in Teaching and Learning.
3.       Knowledge of various careers according to dominant intelligences.
4.       Knowledge of various skills required for teaching effectively.
5.       Problem solving approach.

Accordingly the following Teachers’ Training schedules were .

Resource Person: Dr.Pallavi V.Vartak,Principal ,College of Education, Talegaon

               Multiple Intelligences based Teaching-Learning Strategy
               Career Guidance
                Life Skills Training
               Skills for Effective Teaching
                Innovative Teaching Methodologies 

Resource Person: Dr.Sunanda Palkar,Principal (Retd),College of Education ,Ratnagiri
               Image of a Teacher
              Disovering Teachers' Talents
              Importance and need of Language in good teaching
              Essentials of good language expression
              Langauge Personality of a Teacher
              Body Language and its effective use by Teacher

 Resource Person: Dr.Pradeep Wagh , General Secretary, DEIS

              Enterprise Education for School Children

 Accordingly the Teachers’Training programmes were conducted on the following days:03-Sept-2016 Teachers' Training: Batch 1, ZP: Kasurdi School: Teachers' Quality Improvement Programme, TQIP, Rtn 5, USD 586, Beneficiaries 50 

04-Sept-2016 Teachers' Training: Batch 1, ZP: Kasurdi School: Science Kits training, Rtn 5, USD 300, Beneficiaries 200

04-Sept-2016 Teachers' Training: Batch 1, ZP: Kasurdi School: Teachers' Quality Improvement Programme, TQIP Rtn 5, USD 586, Beneficiaries 50

17-Sept-2016 Teachers' Training: Batch 2, ZP: Pimpalgaon School: Teachers' Quality Improvement Programme, TQIP Rtn 5 USD 586, Beneficiaries 50

17-Sept-2016 Teachers' Training: Batch 2, ZP: Pimpalgaon School: Science Kits training: ZP Dalimbe Supplied Rtn 5, USD 300 Beneficiaries 250

18-Sept-2016 Teachers' Training: Batch 2, ZP: Pimpalgaon School: Teachers' Quality Improvement Programme, TQIP Rtn 5, USD 586, Beneficiaries 50

8-Oct-2016 Teachers' Training: Batch 3, ZP: Khutbav: Teachers' Quality Improvement Programme, TQIP Rtn 2. USD 586, Beneficiaries 50

9-Oct-2016 Teachers' Training: Batch 3, ZP: Khutbav: Teachers' Quality Improvement Programme, TQIP Rtn 1, USD 586, Beneficiaries 50

9-Oct-2016 Teachers' Training: Batch 3, ZP: Khutbav: Teachers' Quality Improvement Programme, TQIP: Science Kits Training : Supplied to ZP Buvachi wadi  Rtn 1, USD 300, Beneficiaries 25

15-Oct-2016 Teachers' Training: Batch 4, ZP: Varvand: Teachers' Quality Improvement Programme, TQIP: Science Kits Training : Supplied to ZP   Buvachiwadi, Rtn 5, USD 300, Beneficiaries 50

16-Oct-2016 Teachers' Training: Batch 4, ZP: Varvand: Teachers' Quality Improvement Programme, TQIP: Science Kits Training : Supplied to ZP   Buvachiwadi, Rtn 5, USD 300, Beneficiaries 50

9-Jan-2017 Under GGP # 1531402 - Convocation @ Yavat, Rtn 4, Beneficiaries 200

Note: Same number of beneficiaries are cumulatively counted for each of the days of the Teachers training.

Photos of the event, news, coverage    can be seen at following link: http://rcpspush.blogspot.in  

Teachers' Training Convocation

International Understanding and Peace Symposium, IUPS

Period for Execution:         18.02.2017 & 19.02.2017

Beneficiary Community:     Rotarians, students, faculties and public at large

No.of persons Benefited: 700

Amount budgeted for the project:  INR 1500000   USD 22400

Actual expenditure for the project: INR 1500000   USD 22400

Organising Involvement of DEIS and Rotarians (No.):     40       Lady members: 30

Partners in Service: RID 3131; World Peace Center, MIT; Development Education (I) Society and Rotary club of Pune Shivajinagar, RCPS

A brief description of the Activity:

Peace and Conflict Resolution / Prevention is one of the primary focus areas of Rotary. DEIS also through its various socio economic development projects endeavours to create conditions that foster and maintain peace in society. This focus area had not been attended to strongly by RCPS in last several years. In 2016 – 17, DEIS and RCPS came up with an innovative idea. As the sun rose on the horizon of the city of Pune in India, on 18th Feb 2017, a special event was taking shape at MIT College,Kothrud Campus. This day saw a new dawn when Development Education (International) Society, DEIS and Rotary International District 3131 presented the


in cooperation with World Peace Centre, MAEER’s MIT Pune.

PREFACE: Hosted by DEIS and RCPS this IUPS, Peace Symposium, was conceptualized by Rtn. Dr. Pradeep Wagh , President RCPS and General Secretary DEIS, when he participated in the ROTARY-UN DAY on 1 Nov 2014. ‘The world looks upon India as a HARBINGER of PEACE, the World looks upon India as a MESSENGER OF PEACE’, Pradeep thought. This kindled in him the desire to do something during his Presidential year 2016-17 for the ROTARY Focus area of Peace. When he discussed this with DG Prashant Deshmukh RID 3131 and his club members, the idea crystallized and slowly took the form of this IUPS.

INAUGURAL: The day 18th February began with Inaugural by Chief Guest Rtn. Paul Netzel, Trustee Chair Elect, The Rotary Foundation. Dr. Vishwanath Karad, Founder & Director General, WPC, MAEER’s MIT acted as perfect host as he lead Rtn. Paul Netzel and 30 odd speakers, from USA, Germany, Nepal, Australia and other Rotary Districts of India viz RID 3240, RID 3040, RID 3190, RID 3140, etc in a grand procession headed by a Military Band and some hundred students of MIT joining the procession. Swami Vivekanand Hall, where the Symposium was held, was full with some 700 delegates attending.

Member DEIS, Anuya Wagh Mistry laid a spiritual foundation to the Symposium by performing a Bharatnatyam invocation.

One of the Objectives of this Peace Symposium is to glean the ‘Divine thoughts’ each one has on PEACE. Another Objective is to know what ROTARY has to offer by way of Peace Scholarship, Global Grants etc. to promote International Understanding and Peace.”

DG Prashant Deshmukh welcomed the 700 odd delegates.

AKSM PDG Rtn. Vinay Kulkarni introduced Rtn Paul Netzel.

Rtn. Paul Netzel won the hearts of the assemblage by his sincerity towards the cause of World Peace through Rotary ideal of service.

Mr. Rajendra Shende, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Group Awardee delivered a keynote on UN Sustainable Development Goals and their relationship to World Peace. “ROTARY WORLD PEACE PRIZE” was awarded to Dr. Vishwanath Karad. Thereafter the various Plenaries commenced.





The DAY 2 of 19th Feb was an equally inspired day for the delegates. 






VALEDICTORY: Closing Remarks were given by DG Prashant by citing practical cases of service projects of RID3131.

The entire Video recording of the IUPS, Peace Symposium are available as E-PROCEEDINGS on following link: www.rotarypeace.in

Photos of the event, news, coverage can be seen at following link: http://rcpspush.blogspot.in  

Volunteers of IUPS with dignitaries

Skill Development and Self Employment training for MUKBADHIR (Deaf and Dumb Children)

Period for Execution: 1 July 2016 to 30 April 2017

Beneficiary Community: MUKBADHIR children (Deaf and Dumb),  No.of persons Benefited: 210

Partners in Service:Rotary Club of Pune, Shivajinagar, RCPS and MUKBADHIR VIDYALAYA, APTE PRASHALA

A brief description of the Activity/ Activities:    Under Vocational,Member DEIS and  First Lady RCPS Netra Wagh and some 55 Lady members of RCPS got involved in this unique SKILL DEVELOPMENT AND SELF EMPLOYMENT TRAINING Project for MUKBADHIR (Deaf and Dumb) children of Mukbadhir Vidyalaya, Apte Prashala. All the Mukabadhir students come from very poor families who are striving to make their ends meet. Hence it was decided that the following TRAININGS be given to enhance the skills of the children so that they can find self – employment and livelihood:

1. Fabric Painting                                                                2. Beauty Parlour 
3. DTP                                                                                 4. Envelope Designing  
5. Electrical Appliances repair (Iron & Fan repairing)       6. Computer Hardware 
7. Jewellery making 8. Cake & Chocolate making

A class of 40 deaf and dumb children comprising 30 boys and 10 girls undertook the above 8 skill training programmes in 

varying numbers. Cumulatively 210 beneficiaries benefitted from the above Skill Development Programme.Due the DTP course an order of 2 books was received by the class of Mukabadhir Students. Beauty Parlour course helped one of the girl student to start her own Beauty Parlour. One other girl assists her. Due to Electrical Appliances repairing workshop, the Mukabadhir students are now undertaking the repair works in their own school. Due to the Envelope Designing Skill training, the children are making these envelopes throughout the year and selling them. The Jewellery making workshop helped the girl children to design and make their own jewellery, which is ready for sale. 

A Certificate Distribution Ceremony was held at the hands of Rotary District First Lady Rtn. Padmaja Deshmukh who showed 
great interest in these training programmes and their output. This Certificate Distribution was widely reported in newspapers. 

All in all this increased their confidence to earn some money.Photos of the event, news, coverage can be seen at following link: http://rcpspush.blogspot.in 

DTP_Parlour Course Certificate Course 

ENTERPRISE EDUCATION done in Darode school on 14th Aug 2014

25 students and 5 teachers participated in this training. The programme was done with ROTARY Club of Pune Shivajinagar.Rtn. Anjali Ravetkar inspired and organized the training. Rtn. Pradeep Wagh,conducted the sessions with Rtn. S.P.Ranande (Tatya) , Rtn. Vinay Sathe , Rtn. Sham Arjunwadkar , Rtn. Shirish Inamdar, rtn. Gauri Shikarpur addressed the students.President Rtn. Satish Ravetkar gave away the certificates. Mrs. Shailaja Jagtap coordinated from school side. Following aptitudes were covered:

  • Entrepreneurs skills
  • Study of enterprises in your area
  • Market research
  • Decision making of your own enterprise
  • Preliminary Business Plan.
(DEIS) ENTERPRISE EDUCATION done in Darode school

ENTERPRISE EDUCATION done in Shegaon Engineering College for Graduates.

25 youth participated in this training.

  • Study of enterprises in your area
  • Decision making of your own enterprise
  • Creative Thinking for business Opportunity.
ENTERPRISE EDUCATION in Shegaon for Engineering College Graduates.

Dr. Wagh addresses a farmers workshop

MAHABANK Agriculture and Rural Development Foundation, MARDEF has Dr. Wagh of DEIS as a trustee. On 29 Oct 2013 MARDEF organised a workshop for technical upgradation of farmers, at Bhigwan ,a place 100 km from Pune. Experts from Jain Irrigation gave technical guidance. Dr.Wagh talked about UDYAM SHASTRA. About 25 farmers attended. The farmers felt that the knowledge of modern farming methods should form part of the school curriculum for younger generation.

Workshop for Farmers at Bhigwan (left to right) Sarpanch, Mr. P.R. Gaikwad (Trustee), Dr. Pradeep Wagh , (Trustee MARDEF, Secretary - DEIS)