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Entrepreneurship Trainers Training for NABARD’s REDP NGOs, 27-29 June 2011
Conducted by: Development Education (International) Society, DEIS Pune ,India
Report Dated: 04 July 2011
SYNOPSIS:  National Bank for Agricultrue and Rural Development, NABARD sponsored a successful WORKSHOP on  ENTRPRENEURSHIP TRAINERS TRAINING FOR NABARD’S Rural NGOs.
The training programme was held from 27 to 29 June 2011 at the venue of All India Institute of Local Self Government,AIILSG, Pune . NABARD invited its REDP NGO representatives to attend the Trainers Training. 
DEIS was the resource agency to conduct the Training.

VISION: The vision of ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRAINERS TRAINING FOR NABARD’s Rural NGOs , ( ETT for NABARD NGOs for short )is to provide an opportunity for rural youth and especially women, to develop an enterprising mindset, as a component of their development under NABARD’s ‘Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programmes’, REDP so that it enhances his/her capability for understanding and undertaking eventually productive economic activities.
This ETT for NABARD NGOs aimed to empower the NGO and field trainers of NABARD’s REDPs to in turn train their target beneficiaries of rural youth, women etc. for successful economic living in all ECONOMIC SECTORS . 
The target beneficiaries shall develop 
- Enterprise Concepts and 
- Enterprise Skills
that may help them look for alternative economic careers other than the scarce jobs of organised sector.

INAUGURATION:  The inauguration for the Trainers Training was held on 27 June at the auspicious hands fo Shri M.V.Ashok, CGM Nabard in the presence of Shri L.K.Pingle, GM and Shri C.P.Mokashi,AGM .
Others present for the inauguration included Shri S.P.Ranade, Sr.Trustee, DEIS and Shri Chavan, Director, AIILSG. 

Dr.Wagh gave the outline of the training programme that is scheduled .

Shri Pingle gave NABARD’s VISION behind conducting this Trainers Training . Shri Ranade offered guidance for the three days. Shri Ashok made a passionate appeal to the NGOs present to take up the challenge of development of rural people who are in far flung areas.

CONDUCT OF THE TRAINING SESSIONS: Dr.Wagh took over the sessions. He explained to the participants that for the next three days, they should get into the mind frame of a Secondary/Higher Secondary youth so that they can enjoy the sessions as their eventual beneficiaries will do.
The key is to assume that the trainee is a born entrepreneur, but due to a straight jacketed education aimed at employment , he seems to have forgotten that he is an entrepreneur. So the Trainer has to help the youth to remove the dust of ignorance and help them discover the entrepreneur inside themselves. 
The participants worked in groups , with Group names, for the three days. The idea was to install a sense of leadership and team-work in them.
The training built upon the knowledge base through lessons on :
• Enterprise Skills 
• Role of Entrepreneur, 
• Business Idea Generation, 
• Marketing, 
• Production, 
• Design, 
• Finance & Accounts etc. 
Modern technology of multi-media presentations was used to sustain interest. After each activity one or more groups would present their result of discussion on the assignments given for each of the lessons.
On the third day, Trainers took the following practical sessions as part of their training. :
• The Village/Town as an Economic Entity
• Resources of a Region
• Global Trade
• Business Communication
• Human Resources Management.
It may be noted here that each of the lessons could ideally be a six months learning subject at some university course. But here we are targeting Secondary/Higher Secondary/Vocational youth. So the content has been modified to suit their levels and more important , the emphasis is on learning by doing rather than learning by lectures.
This was followed by the CONCLUDING SESSION. Shri P.R.Gaikwad, DGM, NABARD and Shri C.B.Wadekar, graced the concluding session. 
Dr. Wagh gave an overview of the three days training session.
The NAVANKUR (New-Seedling) group presented their business plan as a sample of output of this TRAINERS TRAINING.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTDevelopment Education (International) Society, DEIS acknowledges with sincere thanks the opportunity given by NABARD to conduct this important Trainers Training and looks forward to similar opportunities in future
Entrepreneurship Trainers Training for NABARD’s REDP NGOs.

Some participants at Entrepreneurship Trainers Training for NABARD’s REDP NGOs.

Dr. Wagh With NABARD Staff.

Back row:left to right: Mr.P.R.Gaikwad, 
2nd; Mr.C.B.Wadekar, AGM, NABARD 
3rd.; Dr. Pradeep Wagh, DEIS