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WINNING STRATEGIES: On 15, 16 Nov., 2010 , I attended a workshop of two days on WINNING STRATEGIES at Kellogs School of Management, Chicago. While it was designed for Non-profit organisations (called NGOs in India) , I think the takeaways could be useful even to other businesses. An important aspect of the Strategy is to routinely take inventory of one's organisational ASSETS and CAPABILITIES and see if they are all being properly exploited. Here it means not just the Assets and Capabilities that are in employ on a regular basis but those that may have escaped our attention.An important paradigm shift the workshop created is that:

Non-profit label only denotes a tax-status, but the organisation still has to work like a business.

This changes the entire perspective of looking upon NGOs as some kind of dole recipients and instead look upon them as top of the class professional organisations. Most of the Non-profit organisations from USA that I met are like any other corporations with qualified PGs and MBAs to man them.

What was interesting was the breadth of Non-profit work being done in USA too. I got the opportunity to work closely with some of them and appreciate their sincere commitment , as they were my team members in the assignments we did.

Some examples are given here.

Northern Ohio Recovery Association: This organisation helps recovery of youths on drugs. Interestingly they said, that even if a youth as much as expresses to his friends or parents that he may like to try drugs, they advise that he be brought to their centre for their intervention comprising films , counseling, mentoring etc so that he does not progress any further to actual usage.

Feeding America( including destitute women) : Interestingly this organisation feeds the hungry and distressed in USA. I was intrigued as to whether there are any people who go to bed on a hungry stomach in USA . The office bearers said there indeed are some 50 million in USA who suffer from food insecurity, including the very poor, the disaster struck people and very noticeably an increasing number of destitute women dumped by their partners in a live-in relationship.

The latter are pitiable cases of women who get into a live-in relationship without any legal binding of a marriage contract. Many women get dumped by their partners on the woman falling ill, or on her getting pregnant, or on loss of employment, or say when the partner moves out and the woman cannot follow or relocate as she does not get travel documents since she does not have a legal spouse status. All of the women invariably are unable to get any sustenance since there is no protection of a legal spouse contract.

Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation: This organisation largely helps the parents of children with Bipolar disorder. They help them to find medical aid, to get into support groups and to help each other out of their distress. 

Science Education Foundations.
Children's Brittle Bone foundation.