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  • Dr. Pradeep Wagh was invited as key note speaker at the World Peace Congress held on 31.01.08 at MIT College, Pune, India to talk about “Promotion of Cultural Diversity, Inter-faith and Inter-Religious Dialogue”.

    The other honourable speakers included Hon. Minister Dr.Dilip Walse Patil, Hon.Bishop Dabre, Ms. Lamba, Ms.Shubhangi Kulkarni.

    Dr. Wagh started the session quoting as necessary for World Peace:

    Duty for the Hands
    Remembering the Almighty on the tongue.
    Silence in the heart

    Elucidating on Duty for the Hands, he spoke about:
    – Current Employment Scenario
    – Brain Functions

    He gave a brief introduction about the website www.Enterprise-Education.in


    The session ended with a brief introduction about Women’s Empowerment Anthology which is uploaded on the website www.sita-radha-laxmi.org 

  • Seminar on “The Entrepreneurial Spirit”: AISSMS, Institute of Management had organized a Seminar on “The Entrepreneurial Spirit” on 14.03.2008 in Pune. Dr. Pradeep Wagh addressed the over 100 delegates and conducted awareness as also activities connected with Enterprise Education.

  • The Annual Review Workshop Meeting: The Annual Review Workshop Meeting of DEIS was held on 5th Oct 2007 from 11.00am to 5.00 pm at DEIS office in Pune. All DEIS trustees, members and staff were present along with invited guests from Netherlands.

  • The meeting started with the introduction about DEIS by Brig. P. V. Gole, (Retd), AVSM, Chairman, DEIS Pune - India. He also gave a brief review about the activities held at DEIS.

  • Then Dr. Pradeep Wagh, Secretary General, DEIS Pune - India, told about the present on going project viz. "Enterprise Education and Development Project in India (EEDPI). He gave a brief introduction about this project. His talk was further elucidated by other speakers:

    Mr. Anand Phatak told about "Enterprise Education (EE) Interactive portal" which has been uploaded on www.enterprise-education.in. He explained in detail all the different links of this web portal and how to use it effectively.

    Mr. Dhiraj Laddha, Animator, DEIS explained about the Enterprise Education Interactive CD.

    Mr. Shaikh Mukhtar, Multimedia Co-ordinator, DEIS gave brief introduction about the Enterprise Videos which included the "Udyojakta Vikas Malika (UVM) VCDs. He also showed 2-3 videos. These VCDs were well appreciated by the members present and they commented that "it's a very great work that DEIS is doing through these videos".

    Then Mr. Ravindra Chougule spoke on the Web based Project Monitoring system being developed by DEIS for Department of Science and Technology (DST). He explained the working of this system.

    Mr. Ganesh Gaikwad then gave a brief introduction about the Women Empowerment work being done at DEIS. This included a brief introduction to "Sita Shakti Kavya" and "Radha Bhakti Sudha".

    Before summing up the first session of the meeting Dr. Pradeep Wagh spoke about the SWOT analysis which included:

    Strength: Strong Vision, committed international research, world wide technical cooperation partners.
    Weakness: No annuity funding. If revenue generation is resorted to then the focus on the 'poor' gets diluted.
    Opportunities : Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Ex-President of India, has appreciated DEIS work. MHRD, DST and other Govt. of India depts., now seek DEIS ideas.
    Threats: Some Historical events and links are threatening

    He also mentioned that Extension of Enterprise Education to other States through awareness sessions is in progress. Recently over 300 participants from all over India attended a session.

    The second session of the Workshop continued with further elaboration and sharing of thoughts and suggestions of the members. General summary of the views is as follows:

    Teacher's training for Enterprise Education will be continued.
    Training of vocational students through Mahabank Self Employment Training Institute will be done on a continuing basis.
    TV programmes for mass awareness about Enterprise Education are under active consideration of Doordarshan, Mumbai (Maharashtra Broadcast Authorities). The pilot programme will be modified as per their suggestions and further programmes will be then be made. It is hoped that these programmes may give response of students and youth who will then become part of Enterprise Education pilot programmes.
    The Enterprise Education website will be actively promoted through the TV programmes and Teacher Training programmes.
    Women Empowerment Anthologies have had good success among women in India and abroad. Work will be continued on the 3rd Anthology.