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DEIS is pleased to say that Dr. Pradeep Wagh, Secretary General has returned to India now after a successful short stint in US/UK. 
Two important events that may interest you: 
Dr. Dipak Jain, Dean , Kellogs School of Management, gave an exclusive appointment to Dr. Wagh on 30th Aug 2007. Dr.Jain, you may learn from the Wikipedia entry about him is an international authority on entrepreneurship. He was appreciative about the efforts of small NGOs like DEIS for entrepreneurship development . 
An initial contact has been established. This has to be explored further.
In UK. Dr. Wagh had an extensive discussion with Prof. Tony Coyle of Durham Business School on 5th Sep at Durham. What he saw there is something amazing. Dr. Wagh thought that after he met them in 1999, he had managed to mirror all that he learnt on our webiste:


But when Dr. Wagh met Prof. Tony he felt that they are once again some two decades ahead of India in the cutting edge thinking processes of 'Enterprise Education'.

Dr. Wagh was gloating over the fact to them that we have made one Enterprise Education portal. Then Prof. Tonyshowed him the UK initiatives wherein 600 (SIX HUNDRED ) portals have been made . Each portal is fine tuned to different sections of the society, including corporates . Practically every important Government department has its own Entrepreneurship Development web portal and most senior officials are expected to undergo training in entrepreneurship suited for their position. Their research at all levels is strongly funded by not just the Government but more by Corporates who see it as their Corporate Social Responsibility ,CSR to bring forth the next generation to be enterprising. 

In short, the developed countries have progressed through the following stages :

Phase I: Entrepreneurship Development for unemployed youth. (the Phase in which we in India are currently operating)

Phase II: Enterprise Education for school going youth.(the Phase in which Maharashtra is trying to take its baby steps, and DEIS is proud to associate. ).

Phase III: Entrepreneurship Development for top public departments , corporates , schools, colleges , and other cross-sections of the society (Entrepreneurship and Intra-prenuerhsip at a national level across all sections of the society) .

A US TV channel dealing with Asian affairs has recorded a brief interview about the Development Education Programme. They may show a few seconds of the interview in one of their news programmes , if it suits them.

Prof. Tony Coyle , Durham Business School

Prof. Tony Coyle , Durham Business School

Visit to DEIS of Deputy Press Secretary to Hon. President of India:

Dr. A.P. J Abdul Kalam , Hon. President of India had given audience to DEIS trustees on 1st February 2005 to learn about the Enterprise Education (EE) research being done by DEIS. He appreciated the concept paper prepared by DEIS. 
The Secretariat of Hon. President of India has kept up his interest in the work of DEIS. Recently on Sunday 4th June 2006 Mr. Nitin Wakankar , Deputy Press Secretary visited DEIS for about 1 and ½ hours. He expressed satisfaction that EE is getting initiated at the level of 9th Std. in Maharashtra. Mr. Nitin Wakankar took the text book prepared by DEIS for 9th Std. for his perusal . He also spent quality time in understanding the Interactive Business Planner (I.B.P) , which is computer based training CD prepared by DEIS . 
The Deputy Press Secretary showed a special interest in the research work DEIS has completed in summer 2005 at Enterprise New Zealand Trust (ENZT) . He took a Video CD copy of the research to share it with other concerned colleagues at the President’s Secretariat. 
Mr. Nitin Wakankar also expressed general appreciation for the renewed interest of CORDAID , The Netherlands in supporting Enterprise Education and Development Project in India, EEDPI for the next 1-3 years.

He also informed that the concept paper of EE handed over to the President by DEIS on 1st Feb ‘05 has been forwarded by the secretariat with recommendation to examine it to the National Council of Education Research and Training , NCERT, Govt. of India.