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“Sita Shakti Kavya (SSK) , A Women's Empowerment Anthology, Marathi Book Release :

  • Sita Shakti Kavya” an anthology in Marathi authored by Dr. Pradeep Wagh was released and published in Nashik at the auspicious hands of Shri Ashutosh Gowariker, Film Director, renowned for Oscar nominated film “Lagaan”. The publication ceremony was held on 21st May 06 under the aegis of “Sanskriti Vaibhav” a cultural organization in Nashik. Others present at the function included Mr. Nandan Dixit, Chairman, Sanskriti Vaibhav, Dr. Jabbar Patel, Film Director and other honorable citizens of Nashik. Earlier Shri Ashutosh Gowariker briefly perused through the anthology and remarked that, “Sita Shakti Kavya throws a new light on the personality of Sita”. The author Dr. Pradeep Wagh said that the anthology projects Sita as an independent women and an empowered mother. It brings forth her own knowledge, wisdom and spiritual strength, which she imparts to her twin children Lav-Kush and in turn to children of India.

Mr. Ashutosh Gowariker (standing extreme left) releasing the Sita Shakti Kavya. Dr. Pradeep Wagh is also seen holding the books for release. On extreme right is Mr. Nandan Dixit, Chairman, Sanskriti Vaibhav.