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DEIS’s work for Women’s Empowerment Recognised 

Sita Shakti Kavya, SSK, Women’s Empowerment Anthology, written by Pradeep Wagh was released in 5 Indian languages i.e Marathi, Hindi, English,Oriya and Kannada on 5th December 2004. Under the auspices of ‘All India Hindi Sevi Sansthan’.

SSK is a women’s empowerment anthology aimed at strengthening the role model in front of the Indian women so as to empower them from within. On this occasion Mr. Pradeep Wagh was also honoured with the title of 
Sahitya Shiromani’ (Literary Gem).

Important National Meeting 

'National Institute of Open Schooling' NIOS, Ministry of Human Resource Development, had called DEIS for a national level meeting in Delhi on 15,16 Dec. to reveiw policies of Vocational Education for the whole country . DEIS had been specially invited to share it's research on ENTERPRISE EDUCATION (EE) for Poverty Prevention.
This could be a great opportunity to blossom on to a national stage. It could also serve as a good ground work for the expected EU project of EPAPTED.IN.

On first day of the meeting, welcome address was given by Mr. M.C. Pant , Chairman of NIOS followed by self introduction by members. Prof. C.K. Misra spoke on the subject of Challenges in Open Vocational Education. Later on Mr. A.P. Verma made presentation of Theme paper.
Experts and educationists also discussed on Target potential learners and canvas of courses and other important aspects like building linkages, network amongst NIOS and other institutions for expansion, promotion, sharing diversification and consolidation of vocational courses.

On second day i.e on 16-12-2004 Dr. A.P. Verma presented paper on Visualising management structure at National Regional & Institutional levels.
Mr. Pradeep Wagh chaired the session on the subject of ‘Delivery system using multimedia inputs from EDUSAT’.

Discussion was also held on Future strategies for NIOS. This was followed by valedictory session and vote of thanks.

EXTERNAL EVALUATION being planned by CORDAID for PAPTED.IN project in January/February 2005.

Udyog Sadhana TV programmes in Orissa.
On the auspicious occasion of Christmas eve, 24 December 2004, our PAPTED.IN programmes are being launched in Orissa, 
re-christened as ‘UDYOG SADHANA’ with the first of TV programmes being broadcast that day, followed by 12 more weekly programmes.

Enterprise Education TV Serial.
DEIS has joined hands with YCMOU (Yashwant Rao Chavhan Open University),Maharashtra to launch 13 episodes in TV serial form for Enterprise Education.

Review Workshop of UDYOG SADHANA.
(Policy and Activity Review of PAPTED. IN Project) dt 14th Oct 2004 at IEDUP, Lucknow.

  1. Session 1:

    1.1 Welcome address.
    In his welcome address Brig. P. V. Gole (Retd.), AVSM, Chairman, DEIS welcomed all the delegates and thanked Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Uttar Pradesh, (IEDUP) for hosting the Workshop. 

    1.2 “Poverty Alleviation and Prevention through Enterprise Development in India, (PAPTED.IN)” Project Review
    Mr. Pradeep Wagh, Secretary General, DEIS took the PAPTED.IN Project Review largely following the lines of the AGENDA PAPER circulated in advance.

    1.3 Data validation Exercises
    Mr. Pradeep Wagh presented the Data Validation Exercise (DVE) done on PAPTED.IN project. 

    1.4 Improvements in PROMIES
    Mr. Sameer Tilak, Software designer of “Project Monitoring, Implementation and Evaluation System, (PROMIES)” went through the improvements made in PROMIES.

  2. Session 2

    2.1 Presentation of BHOOMIKA ORISSA.
    This presentation was made by Mr.Pabitra Mishra, President and Mr.B.P.Rath, Secretary. 

    2.2 Presentation of SANJOG
    Mr.Kamlesh Mohanty, Secretary, made this presentation.

    2.3 Presentation of IEDUP
    The presentation was made by Mrs. Vibha Tripathi, Coordinator, Udyog Sadhana, PAPTED.IN for Uttar Pradesh.

    2.4 Success cases of IEDUP
    IEDUP also presented the following successful entrepreneurs of PAPTED. IN.
    - IEDUP arranged to display the products of 15 successful entrepreneurs all being women. 

    2.5 Presentation of Mahabank Self Employment Training Institute, MSETI.
    The presentation was made by Mr. S. M. Nanal, Jt. Director, MSETI. 

    2.6 Presentation of Maharashtra Industrial & Technical Consultancy, MITCON
    The presentation was made by Mr. Parag Pawar, Project Officer, MITCON. 

    2.7 Presentation of Poverty Prevention through Enterprise Education (EE): 
    The presentation was made by Mr.Pradeep Wagh and Mr.Ranjan Kumar Swain 
    The highlights of his presentation were:

    - Mr. Wagh started the presentation with how and where Enterprise Education has been conducted and the results achieved from it.

    - He then continued with the EE programmes conducted in different areas like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Orissa.

  3. Session 3

    3.1 Future Plans for 2004 – 2005.
    A presentation was made by all the PPIs. 

    3.2 PAPTED.IN Project suggestions.
    3.2.1 The discussion included the areas of improvements and the policy shifts required, if any. 

    3.2.2. Mr. Raman Gujral, Regional Director, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Lucknow was specially invited for this meeting as an independent expert observer. Some of the highlights of his observation is:
    - Mr. Gujral started with his experience for last 10 years with DEIS and how DEIS started its work. He stressed that though so many years have passed DEIS’ vision has not changed. They are working with the same energy, enthusiasm for achieving their goal.

    3.3 Vote of Thanks.
    The session ended with a vote of thanks from Mr. Rathore, Sr. Official, IEDUP.